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In Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon), visit the American Language School, where you’ll be welcomed enthusiastically and invited to go into a class and say hello. If you want to meet local people, stop by a school.

The more high-end hotels offer a multitude of amenities; such as elaborate buffets with local cuisine, spa treatments, local sightseeing packages, etc. The use of computers is generally free, although some hotels levy a small charge. Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are blocked but a quick google search can explain how to easily bypass this ban; a useful hotel booking engine hotels-in-vietnam , too.

Most hotels throughout Vietnam now have high-speed Internet access. So you can feel more free to drink to your drinking partners health! It is believed the copra (the white meat) of the coconut can purify aldehydes that are typically found in rice wine which can cause hangover symptoms such as headaches and tiredness when consumed in excess.

It is made by placing traditional ingredients such as sticky rice and pure sap into a whole coconut to ferment. It makes an attractive drink because it is served in the whole coconut and sipped through an aluminum tube. Coconut wine - Rượu dừa - ruou dua :ive This is special Vietnamese wine that has the acidity and alcohol concentration of grape wine, but the taste and fragrance of coconut.

They are available in English and work with both Android & iOS. To know which restaurants and dishes are highly rated by locals, try downloading popular food apps among locals such as MenuX, Foody, or Lozi on app stores. It is generally Best Vietnam Travel Agencies to stick with the specialty of the area as this food will be the freshest and also the best prepared.

These will include all types of Vietnamese food, plus some token western food, possibly some Chinese and maybe a pad thai as well. It is very common for menus to be up to 10-15 pages. Most restaurants/cafes in Vietnam will have a bewildering variety of food available.

It is not uncommon, that after you have ordered your meal a young child of the family will be seen running out the back towards the nearest market to purchase the items. In rural and regional areas it is usually safest to eat the locally grown types of food as these are usually bought each day from the market. Note that in almost every case it is cheaper to negotiate in dong and then change your hard currency into dong.

Don’t discuss payment in currency other than dong without confirming first that this currency would be accepted. A typical example would be to negotiate a room price in US dollars, but upon checkout a payment is demanded in dongs, using a very unfavorable conversion rate. In many places overcharging happens through non-obvious means.

Note for travellers departing from Hanoi airport: There are no money exchange establishments once you finish your immigration, so exchange your dong before you enter the departure hall unless you plan to shop.