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The best way to explore the Mekong is undoubtedly by boat, with our Mekong River tours and cruise packages taking you deep into the heart of this bustling maritime hub. There is nowhere in the world quite like the Mekong Delta, a convergence of mighty rivers and lush farms intertwined and weaving their way across the region.

Visitors can also make the most of Mai Chau’s cycling, rock climbing and trekking routes through Buffalo Tours’ full-day and multi-day tour packages. Mai Chau is also home to Vietnam’s White Thai ethnic minority group, who pride themselves on expert weaving and sell brightly coloured handicrafts at village markets. Village life is simple, and the traffic is largely limited to bicycles and just a handful of motorbikes.

Set among rolling valleys of rice fields and vegetable farms, Mai Chau offers a change of pace and scenery for travellers wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of Hanoi. Go Vietnam employees are guided by a high level of compliance with all ethics bases and in the spirit of on the excellent cooperation. Go Vietnam believes that the quality of service depends on the people so the company’s crew carries out a joint venture with a huge commitment.

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If you like to travel from Hanoi to Vientiane, be aware that the trip might take 24 hours - due to shady bus drivers who stop in the middle of nowhere, trying to renegotiate the price. You can also travel into Vietnam overland or on the waterway from one of the adjacent countries. Especially during Tet you should make reservations Top Agencies in Vietnam advance.

However, during holidays it will be hard to get a reservation. If you buy a ticket for a flight to Vietnam in a nearby country, you might get it for half the price of a Vietnam Airlines’ flight. Alternatively, you can try to extend an advance payment rather than allow them to keep your passport.

It is helpful to carry some photocopies of your passport as well as Vietnam visa, which you can then hand over to the hotel, insisting if necessary that your actual passport is not in your possession but rather at a travel agency for purpose of visa extension (which is a legitimate situation). If a place looks dodgy then ask that they register you while you wait and take your passport with you afterwards. However, because non-payment by guests is by no means unknown, some hotels retain passports until check-out.

For this reason they will always ask for your passport when you check in. The process usually only takes a few minutes, after which they will return your passport. It is a legal requirement for all hotels to register the details of foreign guests with the local police.